Pringles – Some Popping Facts About……….Yummunchin Crisps

Are you a Pringler? Do you grab a 43gm small pack as your office brunch? Here are some mouth watering..yummunchin Pringle facts for you:

  • Pringles were invented by Alexander Liepa of Montgomery, Ohio. Science Fiction and Fantasy author Gene Wolfe developed the machine that cooks them
  • Pringles produced by Procter & Gamble, were first sold in the United States in October of 1968
  • Pringles name was chosen from a Cincinnati telephone book, selecting Pringle Avenue in Finneytown, Ohio for its pleasing sound
  • Pringles are advertised in the United States with the slogan “Everything Pops with Pringles”, and in the UK and elsewhere with “Once you pop, you can’t stop.”
  • The man on Pringles logo, with a large moustache and parted bangs is commonly known as “Julius Pringles”
  • In the United States, Pringles are not marketed as potato chips, but rather “potato crisps”
  • The crisps are made to a uniform size and a hyperbolic paraboloid saddle shape
  • Because of the metallic interior and long, tubular shape, the cans have been used to make Wi-Fi network antennas, known as cantennas
  • Fred Baur, who designed the Pringles potato chip packaging system, requested that a portion of his ashes be buried in one of the iconic cans. His family granted the request.

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